HOW TO BE A HUMAN, a workshop for TheConference 2016

HOW TO BE A HUMAN is a workshop designed for the side events program of The Conference 2016. During three hours, 20 strangers came together to prototype solutions to challenges we face in the post-digital tomorrow. Four crowd-sourced questions have been addressed and the result published in a book distributed at TheConference.

Participants were divided in groups, each of them tackling a different question. To stimulate creativity, craft materials were provided. Beside the great ideas that each group developed, the workshop became also an opportunity for mingling, in a informal and playful way.

1. How to develop and maintain self-esteem?
2. How to approach an attractive stranger?
3. How can you do nothing for real?
4. How to stop procrastinating?

Project by Ana Barbosa, Emma Rugg, Erica Coria, Laura Potenti and Marjo Tikkanen. Book illustration by Lovisa Matsdotter.