Creating a perfect picture collage can be a struggle. How to combine the right pictures? What kind of a layout works in my space? How can I make it personal? There are many ways to create wall art but what if an app could do it for you?
With HejWall you can make collages come to life on your wall and have them delivered to your door. Simple. Easy. Fun.

HejWall is a fictional IKEA planning tool created as a part of a personal project in 2019.

User’s needs

The project focuses on the design of the UX/UI for the HejWall app and did not include an extensive research phase. The user’s need described below are based on assumptions.

  • Search for inspiration and translate it in your home.
  • Create a unique collage that reflects your own style and personality.
  • See how the collage looks in your home, already while planning.
  • Create collages, shop posters and frames, and get personal photos printed – all through the same app.

IA and navigation

The app is organised around the three main moments of the user journey, which can be accessed from the home page: searching for inspiration, creation of collages and managing account and purchase.

Search for inspiration

The home page provides inspirational pictures which can be saved as favourites. The collage of these inspirational pictures can be used by the user as starting point for their own creation.

Create unique collages

The creation of the collage consists of deciding on a layout, choosing posters and photos, and adding frames. The layout can be chosen between ready-made layout solutions suggested by the app, or from favourites saved by the user. These solutions can be personalised, for instance, by adding and moving the pictures.

Users can choose posters from the IKEA range and upload photos directly from their phone, to create personalised collages. A good why to create a visually appealing collage is to combine images which share similar style, colour, or theme. The app, therefore, enable users to browse posters by colour, theme or keywords and can suggest posters based on user’s selected photos.

Plan directly on the wall

During the creation of the collage the user can switch between three different views. The room view shows the collage in context. The wall view enables users to zoom in on the composition. In this view the user can also change the background colour, simulating different wall colours. The AR view enables users to see their composition coming to life and explore it from different angles.